Collection: Guitar Wall Decals

Turn any room into a rock star's paradise with StickerBrand's guitar wall decals. Add a dynamic and stylish touch that captures the essence of your passion for music.

Our guitar wall decals strike a chord with music enthusiasts and creative souls alike. Each decal captures the essence of rock ‘n’ roll. Available in different sizes and designs, these music wall decals feature sleek guitars with clear details, making you want to plug in and jam.

These decals are perfect for anyone who appreciates the soulful simplicity of acoustic melodies. Imagine guests admiring your living room, their eyes drawn to the elegant guitar design on your wall. Not only does it start conversations, but it also showcases your music-loving tastes. 

With designs ranging from classic acoustic guitars to edgy electric guitars, there's something to suit every music enthusiast's taste. Experiment with different guitar designs to create a personalized and inspiring musical environment.

Our guitar wall decals offer an affordable and effective way to infuse your home or studio with the spirit of music. Peel, stick, and let your walls resonate with the spirit of music.