Collection: Playroom Wallpaper

Transform your child's playroom into a magical wonderland with StickerBrand's playroom wallpaper. Spark imagination and creativity, filling any space with adventure and learning.

Our playroom wallpaper encourages creativity and brings joy to children of all ages. Whether you want to create an enchanted forest, a bustling cityscape, or a charming underwater world, this collection offers various designs to match every child’s interests. 

These decals bring color and fun themes to any room. From playful animals to fantastical creatures, there’s something for any child of all ages. Each is crafted from non-toxic materials, ensuring safety for your little ones.

Our collection lets you personalize the space, matching your child’s special interests. Teach them about prehistoric creatures with dinosaur wallpaper, make them smile with adorable unicorn wallpaper, or explore other captivating designs.

Experiment with various designs without worrying about damaging your walls. As your child engages in creative play, their room becomes a canvas for dreams and stories. Explore our collection and bring your child’s imagination to life! 

If you’re searching for smaller playroom decor, check out our playroom wall decals collection, which features high-quality decals that match any child’s interests.

Yes, we do custom artwork. Contact us below.