Collection: Bubble Wall Decals

Evoke the joy of blowing bubbles and childhood innocence with StickerBrand’s bubble wall decals. Fill your bedroom, child’s nursery, or bathroom with a bubble’s charm.

Our bubble wall decals bring joy and lightheartedness that can brighten up any environment. These decals adapt to different decor styles, from nurseries to playrooms. Make bath time more fun using these as bathroom wall decals, or teach kids about bubbles by adding them to their bedroom. 

These decals spark curiosity and encourage sensory play. Picture your child’s room adorned with floating bubbles, inviting them to reach out and pop imaginary bubbles. Envision your living room wall with fun and charming bubbles, creating an interesting, youthful focal point. 

Scatter them randomly for a fun, carefree look, or combine them with other decals to create a unique and personalized theme. Our bubble decals offer endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Ready to fill your walls with bubble magic? Check out our collection and feel a bubble’s enchanting and relaxing ambiance in every room. 

For more fun decal options, check out our under-the-sea wall decals or nautical wall decals to give any surface an underwater ambiance. 

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