Collection: Cow Wallpaper

Surround yourself with a farm-fresh feel with StickerBrand’s cow wallpapers. Create a cozy barnyard environment without having to leave your home.

Picture adorable black-and-white cows grazing peacefully on your walls or playful cartoon-style cows adding a touch of whimsy. Whether you’re decorating a nursery, kitchen, or living room, these decals evoke the simple pleasures of rural life.

These animal wallpapers work well in various spaces. Create a focal point above your dining table with charming cow wallpaper, or encourage new recipes in the kitchen. They’re also great for farmhouse-style decor, adding warmth and character to any room.

The rustic vibes instantly transport you to a serene barn setting. Whether you’re a city dweller longing for country comforts or a rural enthusiast celebrating your roots, these wallpapers create a delightful escape.

Embrace the simplicity, embrace the charm, and let these bovine beauties graze freely on your walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can Wallpaper Be Used?

Wallpaper can be used in various creative and decorative ways:

  • Wallpapering bookshelves

  • Framing wallpaper

  • Wallpapers for tabletops

  • Drawer lining

  • Fireplace feature wall

Is Wallpaper Washable?

Vinyl wallpapers are washable and easy to clean at least once a month or less if it is placed in a low-traffic area. Wallpaper made of plain paper, however, cannot be washed.

Is Wallpaper Safe On Walls?

Our wallpapers are safe for your walls. The peel-and-stick material does not pull out wall paint or leave damage when removed. 

Yes, we do custom artwork. Contact us below.