Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Scattered Flying Birds #466
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Scattered Flying Birds #466
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Scattered Flying Birds #466
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Scattered Flying Birds #466
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Scattered Flying Birds #466
Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Scattered Flying Birds #466

Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Scattered Flying Birds #466

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  • Decal #466
  • Flying birds wall decal is available in different sizes. Email us and we will give you a fair price.
  • Flying Birds can be applied individually in any pattern you desire.
  • Birds range in size of 1" to 8".
  • Some wall decals may come in multiple pieces due to the size of the design.
  • Vinyl wall decals are removable but not re-positionable.
  • Simply peel and stick. No glue or chemicals needed, all flying birds wall stickers come with instructions.
  • StickerBrand decals can be applied on most flat surfaces, including slightly textured walls, windows, mirrors, or any smooth surface. They can also be applied on your vehicle.
These are very easy to stick on and really look okay, but hard to take off again. Thorough instructions are provided, but essentially you just peel off the sticky side, put it on the wall, and pull off the paper from the glossy side. And yes, unfortunately these stickers are glossy! I think this is a minor issue but it would be nice to have a matte finish option.
Awesome. So easy. All separate birds you can place anywhere you desire! Tree was separate.
If you're wondering if this is as cool as it seems? Yes, it is. It's a bit of work to arrange the birds the way you want them and then apply them to the wall, but much less than painting them would be. And it's a lovely effect. Do follow the advice in the instructions to wash the surface first: it matters!We love our flock of birds on the wall, and are planning to buy again from this company. Recommended.
easy to apply, just very time consuming. cutting out all the birds individually and then individually apply to the wall. The out come is awesome though, I like the glossy finish.
Lisa K
everyone love these and they look fabulous on the wall. Cut, peel and stick.. not a hassle at all. NOTE: these are not matte, these have a high gloss sheen to them. Luckily I have them on a wall where that's not a big deal, but just FYI.
Love My Kindle
I'm really impressed with the design of these decals - they've very organic-looking with no repeating shapes, almost as if someone took a photo of an actual flock of birds and designed the decals from the photo. A lot of decals have a juvenile look, like they should be in a little kid's room, but this set is actually quite sophisticated. It was quite a project to apply them because there are so many in the set, but the wall looks amazing.
Uploaded my picture as well. Took some time to put up each bird but it came out great. We also purchased one directly from Stickerbrands that we are very pleased with. We have knock down texture on our walls so it was a little difficult to get the stick but we made it work. Great product. Look foward to getting more!
LOVE THIS LOVE THIS LOVE THIS. I sat for days looking at all the options and decided on birds to put around a movie poster for alfred hitchcock's the birds in my movie room. i love it, i placed them swooping down in an ominous way. love it. I'm looking at the site for another set to buy and put elsewhere in my house because it's such a unique accent. it was also fast to put up. only took me about 1 hour or so and most of the time was spent cutting out the individual birds if i wanted to create my own flock or design.
Natalie Donahue
Wanted this for my living room. Came quickly, color was right, and looks great on my wall. Staff was friendly and everything was great.
Cara W.
Bought these in blue with a giant tree, also from stickerbrand, they look ever better than the picture in our master bedroom hallway. Couldn't be happier. Very easy to apply if you follow the instructions. They are a little glossy, but not too much, and look gorgeous.
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