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Forest Trees Wallpaper Peel and Stick Mural, Grove of Trees Drawing by Camille Pissarro. #6344

Forest Trees Wallpaper Peel and Stick Mural, Grove of Trees Drawing by Camille Pissarro. #6344

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  • Item #6344
  • This wallpaper features a lush forest of tall trees, rendered in rich, earthy tones. The trees, drawn by the famous Impressionist artist Camille Pissarro, are depicted in a naturalistic style, with delicate branches and leaves that seem to sway in the breeze. The overall effect is one of serene tranquility, evoking the peacefulness of a stroll through a dense, verdant forest. This forest tree wallpaper is perfect for creating a rustic, outdoorsy feel in any room and the art by Camille Pissarro will add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

  • Drawing collection from National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC.

    Grove of Trees by Camille Pissarro, 1859.

  • Easy to install: no paste or adhesive required
  • Easy to remove: can be peeled off the wall without damaging the surface
  • Versatile: can be easily cut to size and fit around corners or obstacles
  • Cost-effective: save on installation costs and reduce waste
  • Can be applied on most flat surfaces. Will NOT work on heavily textured walls.
  • Not for outdoor use.
  • Printed in 24inch sections for easier applications.
  • Low-maintenance: easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Wide range of styles and patterns to choose from
  • Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • Great for renters or for people who like to change their home decor frequently.

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    Will This Work On My Wall?


    Our wall decals / murals work best on flat surfaces. Will work on windows and mirrors as well.

    The ideal surface would be a smooth textured wall. 

    Slightly textured walls also works great. (For Example: Orange Peel Texture) You can test this by applying a regular sticker on the wall and if it sticks well, then our decal/mural should work.

    Wall decals / murals will NOT work on heavily textured walls. (For Example: Knock-down Texture)


    YES, our wall decals are all removable. Simply peel slowly to remove decal off wall. 

    Our wall murals are also removable. No chemicals needed. Peel slowly when you are ready for another Stickerbrand design.


    Production time is generally 1-2 business days. Larger designs might take 3 days to produce.

    Shipping/delivery time is another 2-5 business days. We ship from Orlando, Florida USA.

    Internationals shipping time varies between 2-25 business days. International Customs are usually the cause of delay.

    MADE IN U.S.A.

    Stickerbrand is located in Florida. We design and manufacture all our decals/murals in-house in Florida. 

    Wall decals are rolled up and shipped with instructions. Larger size decals will come in multiple sections for easier application and shipping.