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 Give your home or office the sleek and modern aesthetic of StickerBrand’s wall stripe decals. Showcase sharp, clean lines and vibrant colors that make a striking impact on your walls.

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Our wall stripe decals are perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and structure to any room. They can create various looks, from contemporary and minimalist to bold and dramatic. Mix and match different colors and widths to create a personalized and dynamic visual effect.

Perfect for anyone seeking a unique and versatile bedroom wall decal, these decals alter the perception of a room. Vertical stripes elongate the walls, making ceilings appear higher, while horizontal stripes widen the space, creating a sense of openness.

They’re not only meant for bedrooms; anyone can apply these decals to any flat surface and space, even without prior decal experience. Picture your dining room with black-and-white stripes, creating a sense of formality, or a nursery with soft pastel stripes, adding a gentle rhythm to the walls.

These decals adapt seamlessly to different decor styles, from classic to modern. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom, an entryway, or a home office, the clean lines of wall stripes add a timeless touch.

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