Collection: Train Wall Decals

With StickerBrand's train wall decals, you can turn any room into a thrilling railway adventure. Bring excitement and imagination to your bedroom, living room, or child’s playroom.

Bring the magic of locomotives, tracks, and railway adventures onto your walls with our train wall decals. Perfect for anyone searching for wall decals for kids or playroom decals, each invites them to embark on imaginary journeys.

Our train decals offer endless possibilities for customization. These designs adapt seamlessly to different decor styles, from retro to contemporary. Feel the excitement of adventure and the thrill of chugging along the tracks each time you gaze at each decal. 

As trains symbolize adventure, movement, and discovery, each option sparks imagination and encourages storytelling. Whether your child loves trains or you simply love learning about them, our train wall decals are an affordable, durable, and quality way to showcase your interests.

Explore our collection today and discover how our train wall decals can turn your favorite space or your child's room into a captivating world of railway adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Do Trains Travel?

Modern high-speed trains can travel up to 220 miles per hour (354 kilometers per hour).

What Is the Difference Between a Train and a Locomotive?

A locomotive is the engine that provides the power to move the train, while the train includes the locomotive and all the attached cars or carriages.

How Are Trains Powered?

Trains can be powered by various sources, including electricity, diesel, and even steam in historical contexts.