Collection: T-Rex Wall Decals

StickerBrand's T-Rex wall decals bring a prehistoric predator to life on your walls, making them perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

Ignite a passion for prehistoric giants with T-Rex wall decals! These dinosaur wall decals from StickerBrand can transform any room into a Jurassic wonderland and are perfect for dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

Unleash your inner paleontologist and create a conversation starter in your living room or home office with a silhouette of a T-Rex roaring in full view. You can use them to encourage your child to research different dinosaur species, their habitats, and their unique characteristics.

Teach your kids about the T-rex’s incredible strength and roar using them as playroom wall decals, or simply feel the dinosaur’s commanding presence by placing them as bedroom wall decals. Wherever you place them, keep the dinosaur’s presence fully felt throughout your home.

Let these wall decals for kids reawaken a sense of wonder about the pre-historic times. Explore our T-Rex collection and bring the Jurassic era to life in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are 5 Interesting Facts About the T-Rex?

These are five fun facts about the T-rex:

  • The T-rex isn’t from the Jurassic period.

  • The T-rex had around 60 extremely sharp teeth to eat other dinosaurs. 

  • The first T-rex fossil was first discovered in Colorado. 

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex came from Greek and Latin words meaning “Tyrant Lizard King”

  • The T-rex had a brain two times bigger than other giant carnivore dinosaurs.

Why Is The T-Rex So Popular?

The fact that it was discovered in North America and its unique short arms and strength are the main reasons the T-Rex gained so much popularity. 

Who First Discovered the T-Rex?

A fossil hunter named Barnum Brown first found part of a T-rex skeleton in 1902 in Montana. Six years later, he found a nearly complete T-rex fossil.