Collection: Ninja Decal

Teleport to the shadowy world of ancient warriors with ninja decals from StickerBrand. Celebrate the art of stealth, discipline, and honor.

Anyone who is looking to decorate a child’s room, a game room, or a martial arts studio will feel the way these decals ignite imagination and transport you to feudal Japan. Whether you want a single ninja in a classic pose or an entire clan, there are various designs to choose from.

These decals not only add visual interest but also inspire focus, determination, and the way of the warrior. Picture them near your workout area, above your meditation corner, or framing your favorite martial arts quotes.

These decals are more than just decor; they’re a tribute to martial arts and discipline. Whether you’re a seasoned black belt or simply appreciate the philosophy of ninjutsu, these decals make your walls a canvas for inner strength and growth.

Turn ordinary walls into extraordinary training grounds. For more Japan-themed decals, check out our Japanese wall decals and anime wall decals collections. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Were Ninjas Used for in Japan?

Ninjas performed various tasks, including espionage, ambushes, and martial arts, but their methods were considered dishonorable by samurai standards. 

Are Ninjas Still Active in Japan?

Ninja clans still exist, but their original roles in maintaining public safety and acting as policemen during pre-Meiji Japan have faded.

What Does a Ninja Symbolize?

The term “ninja” originally meant “persevere,” but it later came to signify “conceal” and “move stealthily.” In Japanese, “ja” combines with “sha,” meaning “person.”