Collection: Mushroom Wall Decals

StickerBrand's mushroom wall decals add a magical touch and nature-inspired charm to any room. They create a cozy, fairy-tale atmosphere that captivates children and adults.

Our mushroom wall decals spark curiosity and playfulness, making them perfect as wall decals for kids rooms or nursery decals. Imagine your child’s room adorned with fly agarics, inviting them to create stories about magical creatures and hidden doorways. 

Even without kids, anyone can enjoy these whimsical and charming wall decals. Available in various sizes and styles, our decals can create everything from a small accent piece to an entire forest scene.

When it’s time for a change, they peel off effortlessly without leaving residue or damaging your walls. Whether you’re decorating a nursery or a playroom, these mushroom decals enhance the decor without compromising safety.

Create a focal point above a bed or couch or add whimsical touches around a room; our collection offers endless possibilities for customization. Let the magic of mushrooms become part of your imaginative world.

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