Collection: Growth Chart Wall Decals

Celebrate your child's milestones with StickerBrand's growth chart wall decals. Designed to make tracking your child's growth fun and easy, any wall becomes a delightful record of their progress.

Our growth chart wall decals are not just practical, they’re also adorable! Imagine tracking your child’s height on the wall while adding a whimsical, charming touch to their nursery or playroom.

Available in various colors and styles, these growth charts become cherished memories as you watch your little one grow before your eyes. As you measure their height, you’ll also measure the love and memories that fill your home.

They stick to most surfaces, including painted walls, wood, and glass. When it’s time for a change, they peel off effortlessly without leaving residue or damaging your walls. Perfect for anyone wanting a cute and useful kid’s bedroom decal, each option matches your kid’s tastes.

These decals spark curiosity and encourage conversations about growth, adventure, and the passage of time. They not only help children visualize their growth but also serve as a fun way to teach them about numbers and measurements.

Whether you’re a sentimental parent or a playful grandparent, our decals become part of your family’s story. Let your walls become a canvas for love, laughter, and the magic of childhood. 

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