Collection: Firefly Wall Decals

Light up your bedroom, living room, or kitchen with the enchanting glow of StickerBrand's firefly wall decals. Bring a mystical and calming ambiance into your home or office spaces.

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Our firefly wall decals bring the insect’s unique light and charm throughout any plain wall. From cute, cartoon-style frogs to more realistic depictions, there’s something for everyone. Explore various colors, design options, and art styles to match interior styles. 

Whether you’re decorating a child’s room, a classroom, or a nature-themed living room, these high-quality decals spark curiosity and imagination. Each bug wall decal serves as an educational source for children and a tribute to these special bugs that light our way. 

Frog decals work well in nurseries, playrooms, or any area where you want to infuse a sense of playfulness. They evoke wonder, nostalgia, and the joy of warm evenings.

Whether you want a cluster of fireflies or a single one, our firefly wall decals offer many sizes, colors, and design styles that match your vision. For more bug-themed decor, check out our bee decals or butterfly decal collection.

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