Collection: Bunny Wall Decals

Feel a bunny’s natural whimsy and playfulness spread throughout your walls with StickerBrand’s bunny wall decals, perfect for bunny lovers of all ages.

From cute silhouettes to playful poses, each bunny decal infuses your walls with these furry creatures' whimsical charm and innocence. Whether it’s a nursery, playroom, or bedroom, bunny decals add a touch of sweetness.

Bunny wall decals work well in various settings, making them perfect as nursery decals or bedroom decor. Create an enchanting scene with bunnies frolicking in a meadow, or place a single bunny near a reading nook, letting you feel youthful and joyful daily. 

Each decal is kid-friendly and can create a whimsical and comforting atmosphere in children's rooms. If you have pets, these decals can add a touch of fun without the maintenance of real bunnies.

As bunnies symbolize a fresh start and the promise of new chapters, our high-quality, durable collection brings you closer to their transformative presence. 

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