Collection: Large Wall Decals

Go big and bold with StickerBrand’s large wall decals! Make a statement that is impossible to ignore and easy to adore!

From the intricate details of a sprawling cityscape to the serene expanse of a mountain range, each decal is an opportunity to showcase your unique taste on a grand scale. Pick from urban wall decals to give your home a chic look or tree wall decals for a natural vibe. 

Perfect for anyone searching for bold statements or artistic flair, these large creations transform any room into a canvas of creativity. Each decal offers a dramatic transformation that blends beauty with a striking presence.

Whether setting the scene for your home or making a bold statement in your office, our large vinyl wall decals are the perfect way to elevate your environment with ease and elegance! Let your walls tell stories of adventure, beauty, and imagination. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is A Good Size For Wall Decals?

While it depends on your chosen decal, most wall decals range from 24 to 96 inches or more. When buying a large wall decal, ensure it fits on your wall without obstruction. 

How Do You Remove Large Wall Decals?

If the decal is too large to remove by hand or you want to avoid potentially damaging it, hold a hair dryer or heat gun a few inches away from the decal and move it backward sweepingly. 

The heat softens the adhesive, making it easier to remove. Once the decal feels warm, slowly lift one corner using your fingernail or a plastic card. 

Why Are My Wall Decals Not Sticking?

Your decal may not stick if the wall is not cleaned properly beforehand. Clean the wall surface with soap and water before applying, and ensure it is dried out and free of dust or debris for an easier installation. 

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