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Welcome to StickerBrand:
Thank you for visiting Stickerbrand. We are always adding the newest in Interior wall designs. It's easier than hiring an artist and a lot cheaper. Custom sizes are available, so if you see a wall design you like but it is too small or too large, simply email us and we can work out a size for you.

Stickerbrand currently has over 50 working artist to help grow our portfolio. If you see an artwork similar to ours without the StickerBrand name, it is most likely a Knockoff, please be aware before you buy. Please report them to us by emailing us the listing number. Our email address is ( Our quality & workmanship are superior to all others.

Intellectual Property:
Superstylings Design, Inc. DBA ("StickerBrand") is a member of the eBay VeRO program as well as Amazon's Brand Registry. StickerBrand is the exclusive owner of copyrights of and in all original promotional material found on its website and printed promotional materials including but not limited to photographic images, artwork, illustrations, texts, and logos (collectively "StickerBrand 's Intellectual Property"). StickerBrand has devoted considerable resources and efforts to promote its Intellectual Property throughout the world, and they are extremely important assets of the company. The unauthorized use or reproduction of these materials without express written permission is prohibited by Federal laws including the Trademark Act of 1946 and 15 U.S.C. § 1051, et seq. ("Lanham Act"), and is subject to prosecution. StickerBrand does not permit or authorize the use of any of its intellectual property.

StickerBrand does not license out copyrighted images or designs to any other company, therefore if you are producing an image that looks similar to a StickerBrand design, it is most likely a violation of StickerBrand's Intellectual Property.

StickerBrand regularly monitors the Internet, including auction sites and other web-store sites, in order to protect its intellectual property rights. Unauthorized uses of StickerBrand's Intellectual Property will result in notification of such use to the respective auction site or online/physical retail store site and the possible removal of listing/inventory as well as legal action by StickerBrand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: Why was my auction terminated?

A: Your auction was likely terminated because it infringed upon StickerBrand's Intellectual Property rights through the unauthorized use of its mark(s) or copyrighted materials. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), upon receipt of a complaint of intellectual property rights infringement, a service provider, such as eBay, is required to remove and/or disable access to the infringing material. StickerBrand routinely monitors the internet for incidence of infringement and, upon finding them, reports them as appropriate. eBay was likely notified and, in compliance with its policies, removed the infringing material. For more information on eBay's policy see For more information on the DMCA see

Q: Can I use images from the website on my website?

A: No, the unauthorized use or reproduction of StickerBrand's Intellectual Property is strictly illegal.

Q: Why did StickerBrand not contact me directly?

A: It is more expedient and efficient to handle intellectual property matters through service providers which have systems in place to manage such issues. However, StickerBrand may, at its discretion, contact the entity responsible for the infringing material directly and/or pursue appropriate legal action against it.

Q: What are the possible consequences of intellectual property infringement?

A: Under the law, StickerBrand may be entitled to temporary, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, recovery by StickerBrand of its actual damages, disgorgement of the infringing entity's profits, and reimbursement of StickerBrand's attorneys' fees and costs. Further, if the actions are proven to be willful, StickerBrand would also be entitled to recover up to three times its actual damages.

Q: How do I obtain permission to use StickerBrand's Intellectual Property?

A: As a policy, StickerBrand very rarely authorizes the use of its Intellectual Property.

Q: What if I did not know that my auction infringed on intellectual property rights?

A: Under the applicable federal and state statutes, lack of knowledge does not mitigate your culpability. You have an affirmative duty, before posting an item, to ensure that the listing in no way infringes on any entity's intellectual property rights. Once an infringing item is posted, regardless of how rapidly it is removed, StickerBrand may, at its discretion, take legal action against the individual or entity responsible. 

If you are a wall decal production company, it is only logical to use your own art designs and not infringe on other company's designs. StickerBrand spend numerious hours and hard work expanding our product line. Copying designs using vector programs that emulates the original artwork is considered theft. Please cease and desist all sales of StickerBrand designs within 24 hrs or StickerBrand will pursure appropriate legal action against said company or individual. Once we are aware of such copyright infringement, your company/website will be monitored regularly.

If you have any further question, please email us at: