Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332
Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332

Chinese Bamboo Wall Decal Tree. #332

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  • Decal #332
  • Add some asian decor to your home's interior with this Bamboo wall decal.
  • Different sizes are available. Email us and we will give you a fair price.
  • Some wall decals may come in multiple pieces due to the size of the design.
  • Vinyl wall decals are removable but not re-positionable.
  • Simply peel and stick. No glue or chemicals needed, all decals come with instructions.
  • StickerBrand decals can be applied on most flat surfaces, including slightly textured walls, windows, mirrors, or any smooth surface. They can also be applied on your vehicle.
H. Nguyen
For the size, it was very good price. Seems to be quality piece of art on my wall. Seller is good and shipping was fast. Would and will buy more.
Zach D.
Stickers have held up well over time!
This took me at least a few hours to put up. I had no problems with peeling any of the pieces off the paper backing. It came with directions but there were so many parts, it is time consuming. I kept the paper so I can take down if I ever move out of this place and can hopefully keep all pieces intact. I wish the color were a bit less bright but overall am happy with the purchase. I think it is priced a little high though.
I couldn't be happier with the way this turned out. I ordered it in Red and the color is screaming off my beige wall (love it). It is a big decal and it covers a lot of space. It took me an hour or so getting it positioned right, and it was worth it. It comes in several pieces that you have to put on the wall one at a time but it is easier than being one HUGE decal you have to manipulate. This wasn't the first decal I have ordered from StickerBrand, so when I decided that I wanted this, it was a no-brainer. Great products and fast service. :-)
Amy Beins
It took about an hour and a half, as a newbie, to put this on my wall. But it was totally worth it. It's been on my wall for a few months now, and it really adds something nice to the living room, since we can't paint, this was a great alternative!
Brandy Martin
I am re posting a review i posted about another tree i purchased by the same seller and spoke of this Bamboo tree in my review this review applies to both trees bought from this seller.This was a excellent purchase so very happy with it.I Purchased this Tree Top Branch for my daughter who is 9 and wanted a panda room . On one wall I painted a light brown taupe color and put this Tree Top Branch in Brown on it. It looks AWESOME . I am a 33 year old women and did it 99% by myself . Hahaha.On this tree the main piece was one long piece i had to get my husband to hold up one end of it so i could tape it up. Now some people posted they cut it in smaller easier to handle pieces . I would not recommend doing that because it makes it to much work to realign the pieces on the wall. Now i am not going to list all the steps on how i did it because i followed exactly what the directions said to do and it was a breeze. Now it says after you remove the backing and have it adhere to the wall i did use a scraper like the ones you use from pampered chef to scrape off your stones to rub across it alot before attempting to remove the top layer of paper. It says to pull down,not angled or sideways, that is definitely good advice. Now If you go to slow the sticker will just pull off the wall and to fast you can tear the sticker ( trust me i know) you will have to find the perfect speed when your doing it but once i got a hang on what i was doing it went great. I just posted some pictures on FB off the room and people thought i painted it on. On the opposite wall i painted the room a green color similar to a bamboo plant and put a lime green bamboo tree on the wall and had just a easy time doing it with zero help . Now it is time consuming. The Bamboo tree i did first it took close to 2 hours but it was the first time i did it and was being slow and cautious, the tree top branch went faster since i knew what to do at that point so about a hour or so on that one. Now to tie a panda into the room i purchase a large Panda wall decal from wall monkeys and stuck it up next to the bamboo tree. It looks great. This was a great purchase and i will be ordering again in February to purchase some birds for the walls.
Purchased this in the spring green color along with a second bamboo decal. Both are amazingly realistic looking with some feel of being 3 dimensional. And they were fairly easy to apply. I was intimidated at first looking at the separate parts to be put together and about removing bubbles. Yet it was fairly clear from the picture and instruction sheet where the matching areas are. And a great plus the company will modify the size for a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!
up close its obviously a simple decal, but from a distance it looks absolutely great. helpful hint - allow just a couple of the branches to cross a corner. wrapping these few leaves/branches across a corner of the room really gave it a 3-D effect. i have already started looking at more products from this company. good price. great effect. simple to install. excellent value.
This was easy to put up. I got a large one which took 4 hands to help hold the sheets in place and burnish it to the wall. It looks great!
Rami mustafa
i bought this for my living room and i love it. it looks great and the installation was very easy.
Daniela Landino
The customer service was awesome... I wanted the lime green but they suggested that it might be to bright, because i ask how bright it was... and they suggested to purchase the darker green instead... and guess what? it fits awesome in my wall... I will buy again from this seller definitely...!
Quick delivery and professional packaging. Had to unroll and lay it out, with weights, a few nights before sticking it to the wall. Should include a small applicator. I applied with a credit card and my card started to shred along the edges. So use an expired card to apply/rub decal to desired area.
I just love what this sticker did to my wall. Awesome. Everyone thinks I painted this and I only get compliments.Thank you
Amazon Customer
Absolutely wonderful! Just one word of advice, read instructions carefully and take your time!
I bought the black bamboo decals and I've been very happy so far with my purchase. The installation can be a bit tedious at times, but I was actually surprised by it being easier than I had expected. I'm not sure how long the adhesive is going to work for, but it certainly won't be hard to replace. I also didn't expect the decal to be so large, but that is my fault for not measuring. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and I've already had compliments from guests who have seen it.
Jaycia L. Wills Smith
I LOVE IT. My order arrived at least 7 days ahead of schedule! Instructions were easy to follow. They even provided a smoothing card with my order! It looks just like the picture. Vibrant black against my Gothic purple wall. Just as I imagined. You must be patient. With any DIY project you have to to be methodical and organized. I was worried after reading the reviews but I got the hang of it. Hubby did not help, so working alone it took me 2 hours. Transformed my bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary.
I am satisfied with this product. This bamboo picture has many sharp edges and much details, and yet when I applied it to the wall no details broken and everything came out clean. After it was applied, it appeared as if the picture was drawn in the wall. As I am very happy with the look. I bought another product from StickerBrand, and I will buy it again.
milagros gonzalez
Nice sticker . Relatively easy to apply. Great looks. It fills spaces with grace. Next time call instead of trying to contact me through mail. It delayed my order.
A. Stewart
When I first bought the product, I contacted the company to see which color would be best for me (the color swatches were small and it was hard to tell the actual true color). I ended up settling for orange which goes great in my room! It took me awhile to apply and it wasn't super easy (mostly because my wall is textured and they are intended for a smooth surface) but I had fun applying it. I was afraid that it wouldn't stick to my textured walls but it's been up for a couple of weeks now and it hasn't fallen off anywhere. I personally love it and will order with this company again in the future!
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